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What is the Halal certification?

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What is the Halal certification?

Halal "halal" means "a legal thing".
When "the Halal is good for the health in Japanese ," I can translate it by the contracted form of the word "Halalan toyyiban".
It is a standard that a Muslim is the thing which the product and service are safe from a Muslim at first sight, and is reliable or judges it (logo).

The situation of the in bound

The Muslim passengers to Japan continue increasing.
The Japanese company deepens judgment for the Halal as the business opportunity that a large number of Muslims visit by the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 in particular. The restaurant business for Muslims, food, the maintenance of pharmaceutical products become the problem.

The situation of the out bound

There is no Halal certification as the world general standard under the present conditions.
There are plural Halal certification groups depending on a country, and the contents of the examination are scattered, too.
The Malaysian Halal (JAKIM) began being the world, and the government started the Halal certification.
In addition, I try that we Silk Road trade firm acquired smart Riki mark as an identification of approval accepted in the world for the first time.

I do the standard (Malaysian standard) based on HACCP, a standard of the GMP with a standard to convey security, relief to all consumers as well as a Muslim, and a problem of the Halal certification group of Japan flooding, the foreigner Muslim do not know the contents (reliability) of the Halal logo.
The certification without Slaughter criteria of the edible meat that should become most careful in Halal is the rank whom there is while advocating a Halal logo. I may lose trust of the Halal business itself in Japan depending on a bad example.


This is the Iranian jurist when "International Halal Silk Road" gives the authentication.
It is legal for halal certification.And that there is no problem with the halal certification.
To come to Japan to these the final decision.
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