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Japan's population to 95 million people in 2050 from about 100 million 27 million people in 2012

It is reverse to it and is expected when the world Muslim population increases to approximately 2,200 million personality, 26.4% of world population in 1,600 million people in 2030 as of 2010.

In addition, the feature of the Muslim nations are that the average age is young.
As an example, I approach the situation similar to the Japanese rapid economic growth period, and, as for the average age with the world's largest Muslim population of Indonesia, 28.2 years old (CIA World Fact book 2011) and a lot of youths are anticipated in future when consumption enlarges it.

When Japan of super low birthrate and aging pays more attention to the Islam market, "it is now".

As a keyword in case of the Islam market advance, I cannot exclude Halal (HALAL).
The Halal is Arabic of the meaning "legal thing" "forgiven thing" based on teaching of the Islam.
A pig, alcohol is prohibited in the Islam. In the case of food, the thing which does not contain these prohibited matter becomes the Halal.
Also, not only this, with regard to bovine sheep, chicken, etc., only those that were slaughtered along the Muslim etiquette is the Halal.
Because I cannot judge only the materials indication simply, the Halal certification is necessary in the Islam market.

World Muslim population

More than 20% of world population total Islam total population of Muslim 2007: 1,610 million people.

※ The source:Muslim Population Worldwide 2006