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Guidance of "halal business seminar"

57 countries acquisition of Ikirikimaku to-class in and business matching
The International Halal Silk Road, companies like of you considering entry into the halal business towards Islamic countries, we have to hold a "halal business seminar" to group like how for.
Latest than on halal certification and halal business reports and actual import and export cases, we will provide a practical program that mixes a track record such as food trade will our personnel in the seminar.

■Held conditions
※As a general rule we ask the following two points.

①Available who can be 10 people or more guests and venue for seminars.
②Transportation expenses of staff 3 persons to hear from our company, and like to stay pay the accommodation costs in the case of distant.

Please contact from inquiry form towards the representative if you have any interest.
Content of inquiry to the "halal business seminar hope" toilet, please input and mainly listen want content.