International HALAL Silkroad

What's New

We have started handling rose tea gifts.
Mogamimaitake has obtained a halal license.
WIPO|MADRID it was published in the registration certificate.
I registered a trademark of TAYEB.
TAYEB is Shiah, Sunni, wherever of Muslim nations, but is the mark of a passing organization. Because we acquired a right, with a thing recognized in the United States, a country of beginning 57 in Canada, I registered a trademark of Southeast Asia.
It was held Islamic Business Fair in Kyushu!
Public interest we were held Islamic Business Fair in Kyushu by Kyushu Economic Research Center organized like.
Islamic Republic of Iran Ambassador leather Nazaruahari Excellency the keynote, we gave visiting Mr. Islamic Republic of Iran Ambassador Chancellor Mahamudoreza Ratoboi to special lecture.
Guidance of "halal business seminar"

57 countries acquisition of Ikirikimaku to-class in and business matching.

The International Halal Silk Road, companies like of you considering entry into the halal business towards Islamic countries, we have to hold a "halal business seminar" to group like how for.
Latest than on halal certification and halal business reports and actual import and export cases, we will provide a practical program that mixes a track record such as food trade will our personnel in the seminar. Click here for details.


This is the Iranian jurist when "International Halal Silk Road" gives the authentication.
It is legal for halal certification.And that there is no problem with the halal certification.
To come to Japan to these the final decision.
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