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Point to acquire the Halal certification, and to start business for Muslim nations.

●Problem of the trade

I premise it, and the acquisition of the Halal certification "is an option".
A Halal certification group and the consultant perform it until "certification publication", but the story of the group which does not cooperate (I cannot do it) hears the later "trade".
If there is not the support by the system which I included until the next business support even if it is the effective certification, the companies where "the certification was not connected for business though I took it" increase from culture, the difference in system, and, for the Japanese company, the trade with a familiar thin Muslim economic zone can be connected for the decline of the Halal business in Japan.

●Problem of the popularity of the logo

That the Muslim of each country knows the Halal certification (logo) that I acquired through hardships is a big problem. For example, what I do not purchase even if I can set it can usually say to the store if general consumers do not know the logo of the certification even if they acquire the Halal certification with general food and were able to export it.
In other words it is necessary to acquire the Halal certification recognized from the Halal certification that there is a number and is that the partner who knew the market to the Muslim nations is necessary.