International Halal Silk Road



About an acquisition procedure of the Halal certification

  1. Q1.When I exported food to the Muslim nations, I heard that "halal proof" was necessary. What is the halal proof?

    A1.The halal (HALAL) is Arabic to mean "a legal thing" and "a forgiven thing" and says the legal thing which conformed to model "sharia" (Islamic law) that the Allah who is legislatrix showed to the human.
    The halal is applied to food, and halal food means legal food in Islamic law.
    The halal certificate is a certificate expressing a legal thing in Islamic law.
    Because the Islam it is forbidden to be a pig for food, the Islamic faithful pig-derived ingredients such as pork, pig fat, gelatin (derived from meat animal that has not been slaughtered in accordance with the pig-derived or Islamic law), alcoholic beverages and preservatives using it, seasoning mirin, and does not eat the things that contain such as cooking wine. So, Halal (HALAL) authentication will not appear in the "treated in a proper manner prescribed by the Islamic law, processed food is" a proven product.
    The halal certification examines the product quality in raw materials, process of manufacture and can show it is a conformity product only to an approved product in Islamic law.
    There is not only product in itself but also the country where it is required that it lasts for packing, product safekeeping, all including the circulation in transportation, raw materials safekeeping, transportation, process of manufacture, and "halal characteristics" are kept to secure "the halal characteristics" of "the halal product" to export to the Muslim nations.
    On the other hand, the thing that halal processing is required is limited to meat, a low level meat artefact, animalism oils and fats in an import system in many countries even if it is an Islamic nation.
    Because the details vary according to a country, the confirmation of the import system is necessary. I display a halal mark indicating the halal certification acquisition to a product for a Muslim, and it is necessary to acquire the certification in a certification organization, the group of countries concerned or the domestic certification group which received the official recognition when I sell it. In addition, as for the thing which circulates domestically except a specific sale place even if I do not give a halal mark indicating the certification acquisition, it is with a principle halal product because halal-related confirmation is contained in an import system in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member nation.

  2. Q2.What is the Halal certification?

    A2.As for the Muslim, the things which I usually eat are not conscious of the Halal marks, but the which touched the Halal mark that received the Halal certification becomes more plain for consumers when I am going to export it to the foreign countries (the Muslim countries) from Japan.
    I use it other than the thing which acquired the Halal certification (food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, industrial article, finance, distribution, others) and do not eat basically. Therefore I need the thing product which I receive the certification, and made a certification mark.

  3. Q3.A market (market) of the Halal certification?

    A3.It is said that 1,800 million Islam zone or hotel of Japan, restaurant, restaurant, inn, processed food maker, pharmaceutical maker, cosmetics maker, Islam money market are global, and there is the market of 200 trillion yen - 1 quadrillion yen. Again the average age of Muslim zone equal to the emergency it is thought that increase more and more.

  4. Q4.Who acquired the certification medium?

    A4.Silk Road trade firm gets authorization from Islamic Republic of Iran and Brazil and establishes a certification organization newly. Silk Road trade firm conducts the affairs for the time being.

  5. Q5.The authorized engine name?

    A5.I establish a general corporate judicial person called the international Halal Japan.

  6. Q6.Where does the headquarters establish it?

    A6.I put it in as the total headquarters and the headquarters in Yamagata-shi, Yamagata.

  7. Q7.What district does the branch office system make?

    A7.I put the branch office in five prefectures of Tohoku, Hokkaido, Niigata, seven prefectures and Tokyo.

  8. Q8.What is the duty of the headquarters?

    A8.The headquarters performs a setup, publicity work on a website and I perform a class, a briefing session, catalogue production and support the branch office. In addition, when the certification is necessary, I invite a calif (leader) of the Islam to Japan and make a prayer and file for the certification.

  9. Q9.What is the duty of the branch office?

    A9.The branch office performs a commission of the headquarters and plans a company to plan cooperation with the headquarters, and to want to acquire a Halal certification mark, a personal application procedure or class. In addition, I raise one wanting to become the member of this organization and work.

  10. Q10.Why did you get approval from Brazil?

    A10.Brazil manufactures and sells the world's largest soybean production and corn, chicken, beef, coffee in food and becomes the food base.

    1. 1)For example, I import soybeans in Japan and make food oil, but I think that it becomes uneasy whether the various places of the Muslim zone are all right and cannot readily eat it, but can eat the thing with the mark in peace when I cook it with the oil, and eating out business including a restaurant and the hotel inn contributes it to the various places of the Muslim zone.
      The thing that the people who were able to come for sightseeing to Japan eat is the what's what which there is not.
    2. 2)The cattle farmer purchases assorted feed from the farm co-ops even if I make domestic beef and feeds it, but, in the case of domestic beef, does not get the certification if I do not give you the feed which caught the Halal certification.
      I can sell this assorted feed, too.
    3. 3)It is similar and imports the things which attacked the Halal certification about the dish using a coffee and drink product, beef and the chicken from Brazil, and a processing maker and medicine of Japan, the cosmetics maker are because it is possible for the sale.
    4. 4)I can sell the beef by Japanese beef and tie-in abroad, too.
      There was much pepper-and-salt meat, and the beef from Japan got tired, and the quantity was not edible too much, but let was Indonesia, Malaysia, India, the Middle East, a price and both including China quality, or sleep because there was many it, and the meat of foreign countries (Brazil) could eat quantity because a lot of red meat was refreshed; can sell it.

    There are other various factors, but is an example.

  11. Q11.Why is it Halal?

    A11.The conventional commercial distribution is fixed after selling it in the country, and it is serious including time and the problem of the expense I readily enter it newly, and to stretch out sale in unfolding to the foreign countries.
    I can reclaim the market which it is what can unfold, and is new unlike a route conventionally if I take the Halal certification.
    For example, Macao or Singapore become the prosperity as a gamble city, but the people of a country (Malaysia, Indonesia, UEA, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan) having resources come for sightseeing.
    For example, Macao or Singapore become the prosperity as a gamble city, but the people of a country (Malaysia, Indonesia, UEA, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan) having resources come for sightseeing.